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Overview of Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Strategies are a natural way to get the maximum benefit out of algorithmic Trading. Based on the duration of holding the investment, Algo Trading Strategies are classified as Long term and short-term strategies. Automated TradingTrading has been enhanced with specific rule-based decision making.
Long Term Strategies
  1. Pricing Strategies are more focused on the expected returns
  2. Mathematical model-based Strategies are developed purely based on mathematical calculations, models.
  3. Trend Based Strategies follow market trends. By using the statistics, patterns are studied, and further strategies are developed.
  4. Arbitrage strategies use algorithms to figure out price differences and trade according to opportunities for profit.
  5. VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) & strategies, break the large volume of stock into smaller and later issues them according to market conditions to earn more yield.
  6. Implementation shortfall strategy uses algorithms to target involvement in dealing when stock prices are high and vice versa.
Short-Term Strategies
Short term strategies are generally executed in Intraday Trading strategies, where assets are bought and sold on the same day. Here stocks are not purchased for investment purpose but to earn the profit by connecting with the stock market trend. Algo trading strategies are incorporated in Intraday Trading to reap more benefits. Following are the Intraday trading strategies using algorithmic TradingTrading:
  1. Reversal trading strategies use algorithms to find out the highest and lowest points of the day. Based on these points as the secure time, price and quantity start reversing; it gives alerts to either buy or sell the assets.
  2. Trend based strategies analyse the trends using Algorithms, and further strategy is developed.
  3. Bull flag trading strategy based on the highest peak and steady decrease in trend during the day. To get the target prices on the patterns of bull flag shape, algorithms are used. Based on these trends, ' strategies are developed.
  4. Pullback Trading Strategy develops the low-risk buying opportunity.
  5. Breakout trading strategy enables us to enter the market when prices change outside a specific range.
3 Efficient Intraday Trading Strategies Used in Algorithmic Trading
Algo trading is an automated practical approach to TradingTrading. Strategies make the trading process very fast and much more result-oriented. The trades can be executed to the point of specified price and volume in minimal time. It reduces the losses due to the time lag between the sale and purchase of securities.
When the algo trading is used with specific intraday trading strategies, it works amazingly well.
Here are a few back-tested strategies used by successful traders as a part of Algo trading. These strategies can undoubtedly lead to maximize profits with the correct execution.
1. Momentum and Trend Based Strategy:
It is the most commonly used and most straightforward strategy. There are no complex interpretations or predictions to be made. It is the momentum and trend-based strategy. You need to follow the trends, and the energy in the market and the trades will be executed accordingly. Trade will be based on technical indicators - the moving averages, the price level movements, channel breakouts, etc. If a set of conditions is fulfilled, then automated trading is generated.
2. Arbitrage Strategy:
When there is a difference in the cost of the securities on different stock exchanges, Arbitrage profits take place. The algorithm identifies the price difference immediately using the computers and executes a trade to enable buying on the low-priced exchange and sell on the high-priced exchange. Although the cost difference is not too much, here, we can compare the speed and accuracy of Algo trading and manual TradingTrading.
This strategy is mostly applicable to forex trading. Once the trade gets executed, arbitrage profits will be credited to the trader.
3. Weighted Average Price Strategy:
This is also one of the most popular and efficient strategies. The objective of this strategy is to quick-execute the order to the volume-weighted average price or the time-weighted average price. The orders are executed in small parts. The order is based at either volume-weighted average price or the time-weighted average price in specific opening price in defined time slots.
The algorithms are successful in releasing the orders in small parts with efficiency and accuracy in nanoseconds, which may not be possible by human traders.
To know more strategies, refer to our Algorithmic Trading Strategies - Part 1.
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